UX/UI, Full-Stack Dev, Graphics, Videos and advertising

Our company, WebFlex specializes in a variety of digital services that help businesses establish a strong online presence and effectively communicate their brand. Here’s an overview of the services we offer, along with a brief explanation for each:

Our services:

  1. UX/UI Design: We focus on creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces to enhance user experience on websites and applications. Our designs prioritize usability and aesthetics to effectively engage users.

Starting price: 350$

  1. Website Development: We build custom websites and web applications tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our team of developers ensures that the sites are responsive, secure, and optimized for performance.

Starting price: 500$

  1. Video Editing: We offer professional video editing services that help businesses create engaging and impactful video content for their marketing campaigns, social media, or internal communications.

Starting price: 50$

  1. Graphic Editing: Our graphic editing services include creating and editing visual elements such as logos, illustrations, infographics, and more to support branding and marketing efforts.

Starting price: 50$

  1. Business Card Design: We specialize in designing attractive and professional business cards that leave a lasting impression on clients and partners. Our designs are customized to reflect the business’s brand identity.

Starting price: 100$

  1. Advertising Creations: We assist businesses in creating compelling advertising materials for both online and offline channels. From social media ads to printed materials, we ensure that the advertising creations align with the brand’s messaging and goals.

Starting price: 300$

All prices are individually tailored to the client, depending on the complexity of the task and the client’s requirements

By offering these services, we aim to provide comprehensive digital solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients, helping them succeed in the competitive online landscape.