Verification for musicians (dj, rapper, singer, vocalist, labels, producer) start 1500$

IG Verification available for categories related to Music industry (dj, singer, rapper, vocalist, producers etc)

  • Price :
    1650$ (fee incl)
    3000$ ++ Swapd fee (labels, studios, radios etc)

  • TAT : from few minuts to max few hours

  • Method payment : USDT

I need a PDF or Google Drive link with your requirements :

  • Link IG to verify
  • FB Page/Profile
  • Any other socials
  • Website
  • Extra (wikipedia, google knowledge panel)
  • PR (Must be published in the last 12 months on notable sources, full features articles)
    Screenshot of Most popular countries of your followers, from the last 90 dys

Send me everything in order and i’ll take a look if youre elegible. And no, i’m not searching your name on google, only accept cases with doc-ready to get reveiwed .

Account must be not rejected in the latest 30 days,


do you offer pr?