Verified Business Manager | Get Verified Business Manager to keep your pages secure | BM5, BM100, etc.

Service type: Get Verified Business Manager / Get verification on your existing business manager.

Price: $550 + Swapd Fee (get new verified BM on your name)

$850 + Fees (verify your existing BM)

$1100 + Fees (BM100 - limit of 100 Ad accounts)


WhatsApp Image 2023-12-24 at 01.29.13_98fb6233

Turn around time: 1-2 days (95% within first hour)

Success rate: 100%

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You have BM100 → 2500 for sell?

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check pm.

can tell me what’s different between “bm100” and “bm5”

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BM100 is a BM that can create 100 advertising accounts, similar to BM5, which can create 5 advertising accounts.


Hey. Will I need this to get a verified whatsapp?

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Hey i have no idea about it.

PM me, i need BM100

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