VERIFIED Engagement for Instagram accounts [monthly verified engagement packages] 20+ deliveries on-site

Service type: Various Engagement from Real Instagram Verified accounts

Price: Varies on Packages

Description: As you guys already know, I’ve been selling the most valuable, Cheapest and guaranteed Engagement activity from real Verified artists/influencers on SWAPD from some time now.

With 100% delivery and no problematic ticket till now :



Services I’m offering are: Verified Custom & Random Comments, IG Verified LIKES, Verified Followers etc.

Profiles I can provide to you are in All niche but I work with mostly with MUSICIANS, ARTISTS, MODELS, MUSIC PRODUCERS, SINGERS etc which will be sent your way.

Service Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Engagement From Verified Accounts
  • Organic Likes & Comments From Verified Accounts & Celebrities
  • Organic Likes & Comments From Accounts With High Following
  • Opportunities To Network With Verified Accounts & Celebrities
  • Chances of Getting Your Posts Pushed To The Explore Page From Verified Interactions

Pricing (SWAPD fees on me too🤘) :

:package: P :package: A :package: C :package: K :package: A :package: G :package: E :package: S :package:

Package 1 : $249

10 Verified likes + 10 Verified Random Comments, 30 posts max (Upcoming or existing posts/reels) + 20 Verified Followers

Package 2 : (best selling) : $449

10 - Verified likes + 10 Random Comments, 50 posts max (Upcoming or existing posts/reels) + 35 Verified Followers

Package 3 : $99 (2nd top selling)

Engagement With upto 10 Posts Per Month
At-least 5 Verified Likes & Verified Comments (both) Per Post
At-least 10 Non-Verified Likes & Verified Comments (both) Per Post

Package 4 : $149

Engagement With upto 25 posts Per Month
At-least 10 Verified Likes & Verified Comments (both) Per Post
At-least 20 Non-Verified Likes & Verified Comments (both) Per Post

Package 5 : $299 (Most Popular)

Engagement With upto 50 posts Per Month
At-least 15 Verified Likes & Verified Comments (both) Per Post
At-least 50 Non-Verified Likes & Verified Comments (both) Per Post

Click here :point_left: to buy small amount individual services from Verified accounts

Many resell from me including some panels plus I provide high quality Tier 1 profiles with high no. of followers Exclusive profiles only accessible through me :raised_hands: People who tried this service can vouch for me.

Feedback - CLICK for FEEDBACK

Safe to say, I’ll be the cheapest, safest and most reliable on here.

Payment : USDT, ETH, BTC, Wire (10% extra on Bank Wires)
As Said above, SWAPD fees is on me. :raised_hands:

Note : Subscription renews after 30 days if not then no new posts will be entertained (but your followers stay)

No drops Guaranteed for Comments & Likes.
(Free Refill if drops what more do you need?)

Lets open some ticket and I’ll be of any assistance regarding this.


Currently messaging, will update with news once we set up a deal.

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send me all rates and services please.

Does this work for LinkedIn too?

Unfortunately not.

Can do for YT and TikTok though.

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