Verified Snapchat Accounts

Verified Snapchat Accounts at $4,500-5,500 :ghost:

Key Features:

  • Fully Customizable: Ability to change name, and other personal information.
  • Original Email Provided: Each account includes the original email (OGE).
  • No Phone Linkage: These accounts have never been linked to any phone number.
  • Open for Queries: Iā€™m available for any questions or clarifications you might have.


  • Effective August 2023: Snapchat has implemented a policy discontinuing the ability to change usernames for verified accounts. In light of this development, we have updated our pricing structure to reflect the varying formats of usernames available.

  • The revised pricing details are as follows:
    Firstname & Lastname: $4,500
    Random Username: $5,500

Additional Benefits:

  • Verified with a Gold Star: The gold star badge is visible everywhere - on your profile, stories, and search results, ensuring a legitimate verification process, not influenced by glitches.

My Reputation:

  • Trusted Offsite Feedback: I come with a strong background of positive feedback from offsite transactions and am now eager to extend my services to the Swapd community.

Willing to do 500$ cheaper for first client for a nice review in return :slight_smile:

username cant change?

Please read the advertisement clearly. :pray:t3:

Warranty ?

3 months warranty! :smiling_face:

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I take

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DM me

pm me

DM me

Message me , am interested !

50k to 500k follwers snapchat creator account available for sale