✓ Verified Twitter Account with OGE [Aesthetic Drug Username]

Hello lovely SWAPD community!

It’s been a blast so far! Following my successful sales of both freshly verified Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts, I am true to my word and will work to provide a consistent flow of new and fresh verified accounts.

ALL of the accounts I will list on SWAPD will ALWAYS come with OG EMAIL registered on YANDEX! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this because I know how important account security is to those who want to invest in verified accounts.

The accounts I provide aren’t aged accounts. They are created as I go, and this account has the following details:

• Created November 2020
• Verified November 2020
• 0 followers (none blocked)
• No previous ownership - You will not find this listed anywhere but here on SWAPD.co.
The username of this account is relevant to anyone whose
• Name starts with M/ME
• Looking for an easily brandable, safe and freshly verified Twitter account
• Interested in science, and/or drugs or policing. The handle is a little aesthetic.

TWITTER’s verification process is officially on hold now, and even more so during the corona virus and elections. The accounts I provide are legitimately verified through a very secretive and closed process only available to very select people.
I accept TransferWise as well as BTC.


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Still available!

Bump. Still available. Check also out my other verified Twitter and Instagram account listings!

what is the username?

Messaged you!


Another account sold on site.

Bump. Another one sold on site.

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Still for sale


Send the handle


Username ?
Will you trade for a verified Pinterest account ?

No sorry, and please verify yourself first with @VERIFICATION