Verify your FB page & Instagram account

Service type: I can/might be able to verify your FB page and Instagram account.
Price: 5k$/each

Description: Long story short, I have access to media partner portal on FB. This gives me a shot on submitting your page and insta account and requesting a blue badge.

Terms: Money stays on Swapd until your account gets verified and gets released only after it is finished.
My success rate on this ~90% on what I submitted, what makes these fails is bad history of a page or account.

  • I am picky on what I submit, so you’ll have to send me your accounts links and I will let you know whether I am interested. I mostly would like to deal with people who have been maintaining a kind of brand presence on platforms.

  • Maximum time I’d need for this is 5 business days, however I’ll be giving a timeframe of 7 business days for you to either get a verified badge or maybe even a failed attempt response.

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Sorry but I haven’t received anything from you.

We’re sorry, but we believe this service violates our Unique Service section rules, so we have to close this listing.

For more information on what we consider a unique service please visit the following link:

Thank you for understanding and thank you for using SWAPD.