Very Valuable & Niche IG @

Property type: IG Handle
Why is it unique?: Very niche name / lots of potential / OG word
Price: Best Offer (Had $5000 bid previously as a starter)

Description: Account / username has been owned by me for 3+ years from new - the only owner of the account / handle. Original Email no longer exists (was tied to a work email that was deactivated upon leaving over 2 years ago).

Handle revealed to ID verified members. Not in a rush to sell so please don’t push me for instant decisions.


Hello, could you share your handle via PM with me? Thanks a lot.


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Nice handle, good luck with sales!

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Handle and price

Thank you! :raised_hands:

@Sbcorp please verify your ID / identity first.


Can you please send me the username?

Sent! (also cheeky little post bump)

Hi there! Would love to see the handle. Thanks!