Video Header Instant Article Method Selling

Service type: I am selling method how to make video header link via instant articles.
Price: 500$ (non-negotiable)

Method is 100% legal.
Buyers must comply not to resell or distribute the method.


And then change the html code in your page

(This is the easiest and free méthode)

It is not that method, plus that’s not working anymore.
My method is something else.

You know they have a whole section to put video links as article covers on their FAQ/guide website? 500$ for something which already works and is available for free lol You just put the video url instead of the cover image in the code of instant article & make sure you’re allowing video covers…

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Try those guides and prove it to me it works I will give you 500$

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Don’t get me wrong, I know very well this method and I wanted to sell it too, but I closet the topic when I realized that this is practically USELESS.

Why useless? Well, because there is no Share button, as we all can see in your videos, and you will earn less than if you use image preview.

Again, don’t get me wrong, but this shouldn’t be sold on swapd, because it’s USELESS and buyers will lose money twice : buying your method + having lower earnings.


Well said my friend

AR70PLM said everything. To be able to share the video, you need to click the article and then click share there which is highly unlikely lol Instead of doing that, posting the article normally is way better. Even I know the technique and I also use it sometimes when I have already posted the article a few days back for a few extra bucks but 500$ for this is just stealing lol

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