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What do we need?
1)- Government Issued ID (Preferably Passport or Driving License)
2)- Detailed Information about the individual.
3)- Access to the Facebook Page/Profile

Payment Method - BTC, ETH, USDT & Bank WIre

1)- Do we have any successful sales on-site?
Yes, Till now we have 8 successful tickets on-site.

2)- How long will it take?
The Press would take between 8-16 Days, while the verification process will take somewhere between 1-7 Days. (Usually Quicker)

3)- What if the requests get rejected?
We would provide more press articles for FREE and submit requests until your profile/page isn’t verified.

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This topic is insured for 0.0125 BTC since it requires access.

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this guy is a beast! he completed PR + verification in less than 3 weeks. Very communicative and professional. This service is great for people starting up with limited budget.

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What about if someone have article from his country like im based in uae and i have english article 15+ from uae and saudi arab top news whats the charges only for fb profile verification as i said i have all press

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  • PR + FB Verification + Google Knowledge Panel
    PM for pricing and other queries.

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This is the cheapest package on SWAPD for Press + FB Verification Package.

how much press?

Please verify yourself by messaging on @VERIFICATION

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Can you do Instagram

Currently we are only providing Press + FB Verification. Cheapest On-Site Package.

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