[VIP MEMBER] TikTok Verification Submission ✓ (Limited Time Discount)

Hey SWAPD! :sunglasses:

I have direct support with multiple TikTok representatives and have decided to offer this exclusive opportunity at a high success rate!


  • MUST have 6-8 articles on relevant news websites (which will be checked for notability). :newspaper:

  • You MUST have at least one legacy verified profile on another social media. (Preferably Instagram)

Additional information may also be required such as (but not limited to):
  • Sign-up date (month and year)
  • Registered or recent login location (city and country),
  • Linked phone number,
  • Linked email address,
  • Linked social media account, etc.

Price: $750 + fees

TAT: Will be set at 7 days, however my last case was done in just 3 hours.

And that’s a wrap! :v:

Send me your requests - and I’ll get straight to work. All regions accepted!

If you want a secure service or want to know more information, PM me - let’s do some business! :smile: