Viral Website with high $10 eCPM - HOT OFFER MERRY X-MAS $800 ONLY TODAY!

Domain: or or (Godaddy)
WTGAG meaning: What the GAG!


What this system do:

  • Auto get all of Videos from ANY FACEBOOK FANPAGE which you add in Admin Control Panel, and post that video to website. We lost 5 months for developing this System.. After get all old video of that fanpage, the system will check & post hourly if that fanpage have new video. So, there are many videos will be auto update on your website without do anything.
  • How about video server hosting: We use directly hosted by facebook server. So you dont need to spend tons of money for building Streaming server. BUT USER DONT KNOW U GET IT FROM FACEBOOK, THEY WILL THINK THE VIDEO HOSTED ON YOUR SERVER :dark_sunglasses:
  • You dont need to spend money for content, video editor,… staffs, because this system auto work for you. You just input the link of Fanpage you want, allow many fanpages.
  • You see, WTGAG currently are using VPS with $10 every month (1GB RAM, 30GB Hard Disk) - We suggest upgrade to $40/month for 1.000 CCU, & $80 month for 2.000 CCU
  • User can Create GAG by themselve, accept Youtube & Facebook video link.

What i need to do and How can earn money from this website:

  • You dont need to do anything, you just need to send the traffic from your fanpage (I think all of you guys in SWAPD have many fanpage)
  • Banner Click (Adsense, Taboola, …) with CPC
  • Preload Ads for Video (Adsense) with CPM

Price: $1400 (including: 3 Domains + Full Source, Data + Fanpage), you should change to your ADSENDE ACCOUNT, if you want to use my current ADSENDE ACCOUNT, please give me more $300)

DM me for any question, thank you!


Actually domain names aren’t forbidden on our website :slight_smile: If you like, you can publicly reveal the domain names, it will save you a ton of writing :slight_smile:

Thank you, i just update Domain Link and Price

Price: $4000 (including: 3 Domains + Full Source, Data + Fanpage), you should change to your ADSENDE ACCOUNT, if you want to use my current ADSENDE ACCOUNT, please give me more $300)

Update better price!

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Update price $3000 :frowning:

Can you send me some analytic data for the past 30 days? Let me know how much you have been able to generate and also what fan pages might be included

Update price $2000 :frowning:

i fall down on the job :frowning: , i need money urgent for my life. So this is last update price: $1400 :slight_smile: CPM my website is $2-4. (1000 traffic, u can earn $2-4)

Hello guys,

This is still available. With some change, we optimize revenue from ads with $10 eCPM right now, $2-3 from Adsence Content, and $7-8 from Adsense for Video (preroll ads Video).

Price: $2000 :slight_smile:

Please send all the details

check inbox

Update more info

3 domain:,, (Goddady)
Total Viral Video: 13k and inscrease >100 Video Daily (Auto get from TOP Facebook FANPAGES)


  • NATURAL SEO with Facebook (We are one of leader guys make some change to make our content get TOP search Links of Facebook)

  • BEST FEATURE OF THE WORLD: developed by my team, no-one use it: AUTOMATIC GET VIRAL VIDEO EACH HOUR from any Fanpage you want, you just add link of fanpage you like to our admincp, system will auto get direct video links and post to our website.
    ----- System using directly Video Facepage Link and play it on our player. So, you dont need spent tons of money for server which stored your videos. And you can earn money from Adsense for Video (preload with highest CPM). Remember that, Adsense for Video don’t allow your video hosted from Youtube, so this is BEST SOLOTION ever which we can run it and earn money :stuck_out_tongue:
    ----- We also hide direct links and fake it to, make user never think this video from Facebook. :slight_smile:

Current now, we dont have much traffic, because i dont have time to take care it, and my fanpage dont update in a long time. But, i still get $3/day with 300-400 traffic :stuck_out_tongue: I think if you have the big fanpage, you should buy it, because it will convert your fanpage to real money with eCPM $10

My skype is: REMOVED (DO NOT POST OFF SITE CONTACT DETAILS) . Fee free to contact me for more detail via skype, but i only accept Check Out via SWAPD :).

PRICE: $2000. Fee free to contact and ask me any question!

Bump, give me your offer! $800 - you cover all fee, HOT OFFER MERRY X-MAS, ONLY TODAY!