Wanted: Monetized YouTube Account ( >1K subs, music genre), up to US$100!


I’m looking for a monetized YouTube channel / account that I can use to upload my own music and remixes. These are my requirements:

  • YouTube channel / account with minimum 1.000 subscribers
  • channel / account must be monetized (monetization enabled)
  • channel / account should be in music genre
  • audience speaks / understands English
  • original / connected Gmail account must be handed over to me
  • payment only possible via PayPal

I will pay max. 100 USD, depending on how well the requirements are met.

Looking forward to your messages! :slight_smile:

Hey am selling 5.5k monetize eligible channel

Good luck, no one selling monetize channel for $100, right now approx price between $400-$450

Hi i sell channel 400-450$

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