WARNING: If you're pushing traffic to Render Media, quit now

I will keep this short and simple. If you’re pushing traffic to Render Media, be aware that (an insider told us) the company has fired 90% of their staff and they’re withholding payments. If you’re pushing traffic for them, you should probably stop until this is fully confirmed.

If any of you have any additional information regarding this matter, we would appreciate a reply.

Yes they owe me money!

Here is the email I received:

Based on Facebook’s recent revision to its Branded Content Guidelines, Render Media will no longer support its partner publishing network with articles. These events have deeply affected our business.

The combined impact of several recent events have severely restricted Render’s cash flow and its ability to sustain its business. We are working with our lender as we attempt to wind down Render’s operations. We are aware that we have outstanding amounts owed to you, and we working to maximize the remaining value of the business. When we have more information, we will update you on our efforts.

Thank you.

At least they’re honest about it. What can they do :confused: Facebook is really screwing the big guys. But I don’t think Facebook is anywhere near being dead yet, but earning will take a whole new approach which will require more work than it used to.

They was not honest they closed all emails and I had to get thier new email from a contact I had .

After telling them I have a legal contract with them they sent me this copy and paste email that they sent to everyone else.

They have not replied to any emails

I have generated them traffic and the money generated is in someones pocket while they cut and run.

You cant close a business 1 day after Facebook change news feed then say they have cash flow problems.

I do not believe a word they say