WARNING New Facebook Phishing

Hello everyone.
Just saw on a local facebook group someone warned us for a new kind of phishing on facebook.
Here is it: https://fb.me/2duFIIigADcf4Aj
Be careful guys.

Fixed your spelling error in the title.
I checked out the link but I’m still sort of confused?

Even i too got the same alike invitation by a man from a page’s inbox… saying he is ready to do sponsored ad in the page, not link pasting but by accepting this invitation, he can put the ad of his content (sponsored targeted) on our page which will not come in our timeline. Even the invitation link is originally from https://business.facebook.com i checked it…


Invitation link given by him… he is even offering 70 to 100$ for this ad…

Hope @Swapd or any other experts pls get us aware about this…


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This isn’t phishing, or I don’t understand what I am looking at. It is, however, sneaky and could be used to take over pages. It seems like a new spin on an old trick by giving the business accounts sneakier names.

Check out the screenshot of mine… it says work on their pages …!!! Can’t figure out what the hell it is… @Swapd

Please make this thread into a mainstream conversation… Let’s see what really it is…

I wouldnt call this Phishing, it’s more ‘SE’, rippers try everyday new methods just to stay in.

Those days is little hard to phish page owners cuz they gettin 10 phishes per day also FB is more strict in links and mass messaging

Let me explain with simple words.
Everyone is getting messages on their pages from strange people who wants to advertise in your page or something like that.Now they are sending this message.If you click the link you will see that invitation is declined and you should contact the person who invited you.
If you contact they will tell you that need to invite you from your personal profile.
After that they will send you the famous business manager invitation to steal your pages.

this is what i get when i clicked https://fb.me/2duFIIigADcf4Aj what is this

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I fell for this trick about a year ago. Clicked on the invitation and poof, my page was no longer mine. Someone stole it from me. I did end up getting the page back my emailing FB and going through a long process to prove the page was mine. I even had to get all of my proof notarized. Took about 1 month to finally get my page back. I still always get scammer messages like this sent to my pages inbox and I always report them to FB now.

Can confirm. Happened to me with one of my pages. It was a 150k FB meme page. Any idea how to claim it back? I tried but no response from Facebook. It’s crazy bcs i even tried to steal the page from myself with another account i added (my alt) just to be sure before i invited. I couldn’t do it. Yet he managed to do it.

Terrible people.

This is how a FB page was stolen from me a few weeks ago, but I got it back within 8-9 hours.

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@jon1 It would be great if you can write a post about the process of getting the pages back. Would be of help to a lot of people. :slight_smile:


I already did. Check out the blog section @doctor123

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