Warning! New Instagram bug causes endless verification loop!


Just a warning to all members who are trading/buying/selling Instagram accounts. We’re currently suspending the sales of Instagram accounts until Instagram fixes the verification loop. What happens is when you log in from a different device (different IP) the account gets roadblocked. The only way to unlock it is via PIN. Well, every time you enter the pin you have to re-do the whole process, as the account never unlocks, thus being stuck in an endless loop. Not even the previous device will help, as it also gets stuck in the loop.

This problem started this morning, and a quick search shows that this is a wide spread issue.
One of our client’s accounts is currently stuck in a loop, this is why we’re holding on Instagram transactions until we confirm that a fix is in place.

Users all across BHW are reporting the very same problem: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/instagram-verification-problem.961675/

Unfortunately, some of the methods for unlocking in that thread didn’t work for us, we just have to wait until Instagram chimes in and issues an update. We will keep you updated.

Thank you!


I have also experienced this, but solved the problem by using the instagram API to do the phone verification.


I am about to give this another shot as we actually froze up one of our sellers accounts and we’re currently unable to get it back.


Could you elaborate further? On how you did that?


I am using an account management software, which has the feature built in. I do not know how to do it by hand, but I am sure it can be found on google.