Warning! We're being infiltrated by malicious users

Hello SWAPD members.

Just a fair warning to everyone as something unusual happened last night. We’ve received a higher than the usual number of signups. At first, we thought great news! Right? Well, we were wrong. Upon closer inspection, it seems someone is mass-registering fake accounts on SWAPD. We’re seeing an increase of users who try to sign up via information that triggers our safety systems. We took action and suspended/deleted/placed on hold all suspected accounts. However, we’re warning everyone to keep an eye out and use precaution when talking with new members.

Here are some tips to stay safe.

  1. If a member is new, be careful. Suggest ID verification before you show him/her your property.
  2. Don’t attempt to go offsite nor share any contact details.
  3. Flag suspicious activity, even if it’s slightly suspicious. Don’t worry, we won’t get mad.

That would be all! Thank you for reading.


Thanks for the heads up

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Keep things onsite, don’t deal with sus members, and take advantage of the escrow system. Let’s keep this forum safe.


It’s happening again, this time with full force:

So much spam I don’t even care for cleaning it up anymore. I am not sure what the plan is here, these accounts have to hop through so many additional verification procedures it’s pointless to set them up. On top of it, we’ve just learned the other day that our website actively deletes unused accounts on its own. That’s why our overall reg count is low, as the website constantly monitors inactive accounts and removes them :slight_smile:

So, just a reminder, be careful. Someone is angry with us and in order to get back, they’re boosting our activity stats! Ouch!


Are they verifying sign up emails through links also? Or just creating accounts? And I can’t see a single GMAIL there?

Yes, they’re verifying. Every account uses their own IP, also. I’ve blacklisted all those ■■■■ mail providers and for now, things stopped.

Well, while checking usernames I found its someone from India as there are names like Sumit Das, Yash, Dhiraj Singh etc and two of them are Pakistani names like Yaqoob Soomro, Dark Khan etc Whoever they’re, all I know is they’re using fake generated emails to signup fast and anonymous. But I think they don’t know SWAPD’s verification system so I don’t think they’re going to do anything here more than signups.

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How about you guys add the verify your phone number ( while registering ) as mandatory except for email as getting email is easier than numbers.

I guess they can’t get soo much phone numbers even if they do they will have to purchase them which will cost them, and by seeing the name od the above accounts it surely looks like an indian. As all the emails are in .in extension


I’ll just stick to dealing with verified users for now, which should make everything a fairly low risk.


Even if you open a ticket with a non-verified member, SwapD will require the member to verify his ID, so you’re safe.


Yes, I think everyone should be verified to post anything… saves the trouble

I dont understand why they are creating fake acc ?

They could be just spam bots.

Mostly new accounts are asking for page URLS, i think the verification should be done as new user wants to join swapd, That way even more secure and less headache for everyone.
make swapd even more safe and secure :thinking:

It seems like a good idea from our point of view, but imagine that you’re a person who just found SWAPD. You click register and right at the beginning it asks you for ID. You would NOPE out of it fairly quick, no? People don’t like to give out ID’s, especially if they don’t know what for. That’s why we allow users to join, browse around, talk to us, and see that this is a real operation. Only then they feel comfortable enough to give us their ID’s.

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I understand that point but Swapd is a mouth to mouth marketed site, i heard it from a few of my friends and even before i joined i knew how it works.
if ID verification is something which new users don’t want to give, i will suggest they see limited stuff like public Blog and how Swapd works and once they verify they get to see the whole site.


Yes and to gain more access provide social media ID

I feel like it may be some type of sting operation with Instagram as it’s against their TOS to buy and sell accounts. Should I not respond to anyone who isn’t verified by ID? I want my account to be safe.

I think 1000 good quality customers that know and trust each other is better that 10,000 users. I mean look at epicnpc. I scroll there and see all their accounts and you have no idea who is selling and buying and the trust value is not there and so I steer away like a ferrari on a race track. And come to… Swapd and feel happy again.

I mean when I signed up here I was grilled. I had to show my i.d and do what it took to join. And it was worth it. I really wanted to be here and so here i am. And I plan on buying here many times over

The power of this place is its strict and has rules and you better keep good behavior. I like that there is expectation to do right here.

The biggest thing with social media trading is trust and safety of making a transaction And if someone knows their ID is verified they will think twice about taking your money and the person is known. That’s a winning formula

So I am all for verified only.

The other side to it… is that there will be less assets for sale compared to maybe other platforms but you will know that the assets for sale are legit.

Maybe they can just browse and not post? But people can still check out the site anyways and the threads without signing up.

That’s how I joined. I was looking on so many platforms and they seemed shady. Then I was browsing here and saw the moderators were on top their game and keep everything in check.

I thought " these people care about their community, business , and product" . This place is for me.

I am a fan of quality over quantity. Plus it’s always the big fish repeat buyers and sellers, who will do 60 percent of the transactions so serious traders will have initiative to verify their accounts and do what ever it takes.

Just my opinion, more is not always better…

Thank you for reading my opinion


@verifymylife - Nice write up. Thank you for your kind words.

@lll - We’re now 99% sure it was just regular spam bots who sign up to post links/spam. No need to worry (for now).