“Waste of Money” Tag idea

So I see a lot of people on here who will post things like 50k accounts with 40% India followers and ask $2000, and I know the tags that have been added are great but what about like the opposite of a premium tag, I’m thinking “W.O.M” aka waste of money.

This can help new buyers who come and don’t know the values of accounts to know that hey, you’re giving them 5X the value of their account

Or second idea is people selling your stuff, know the value please.

Thats brutal

50k accounts with 400 likes average, 0 comments and follow/unfollow LOL
let alone if the followers are mostly indian too

I remember when I first started out and I bought a 5k account grown by follow/unfollow for $200, so I promised myself I’d never screw someone like I was screwed because everyone starts somewhere and that almost pushed me off so hard at the start I would have quit and never gotten here

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While I understand what you’re saying, you need to remember that to a person (buyer) from India, an account like that may be worth 2000 USD. Very often we see this in our tickets. So, while we agree with you, we all have to remember that US/CA/AU/UK doesn’t mean premium to everyone. The world is a big place :smiley:

I understand that, and I know a lot of people who want those accounts. I just used that as an example, people keep trying to overcharge and take advantage of people and even a waste of money Tag might be harsh but something like “overvalued” or even I’d be willing to write a price guide on what accounts are worth etc. Of course everyone values things differently but it drives me mad seeing people try and sell like 30k accounts for $1000 and a 0.4% ER

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A waste of money tag is equivalent of burning the persons listing. Unless the seller is lying about something, we don’t like to intervene with price estimations. Like I’ve said, we see 4-5 digit tickets for things we wouldn’t spend three digits on. Who are we to stomp on that? We are here to stop scams and lies. Value, however, is just like beauty. It’s in the eye of the beholder :smiley: