We are removing the "Verified" tag from the services category

Straight to the point.

We will no longer mark topics “VERIFIED” or “UNVERIFIED” in any service category, and here is why:

  1. We originally used these tags to place a spotlight on worthy/unworthy services. Since the number of worthy sellers increased (and their services), we can’t be marking everything verified/etc. It just spams the index.
  2. The services section is more popular, it’s cumbersome for us to mark every new topic “Unverified”. By now, it should be pretty obvious that if a topic is new, and the member unknown, then service topics like that should be approached with caution. No need to make everyone unverified. The popular topics/services speak for themselves with the number of replies/reviews they have.
  3. Our workload is high, and we believe that these tags are unneeded there.

We will also clean up what’s premium and what’s not, along with the spotlight.

The premium/spotlight badges aren’t permanent. For example, the spotlight tag was given to a few topics who delivered a service no one could deliver in years. But, there are more sellers now who can deliver the same service, so to level the playing field, we’re removing the spotlight badges on services that are abundant.

Premium tag rules stay as they were (it’s basically up to the admins to deem what’s premium).

That is all, thank you for understanding.