We can make your merch!

Are you looking for a reliable company to make your merch?

We own various companies that focus on personalized products. We make products for large companies, government agencies in Europe, and have recently even partnered with Andrew Tate to make his Top G merch.

This is one of the products we are making for him:

What machines do we have access to?

  1. We have industrial lasers to cut custom metal products (keychains, wall decor, decoration)
  2. We have engraving lasers to engrave any type of products (keychains, wallets, necklaces, signs)
  3. We have a UV printer to print on pretty much any surface (acryl, metal, etc.)

Do we have to a MOQ?
No, all designs can be made on demand. No stock is kept and all products can be sent by us. All you have to do is upload them to your shop and we do the rest.

What is the quality of the products?
Our factory is located in Europe and we pride ourselves in our amazing quality of products. Samples can be made and sent free of charge.

What does this cost?
There is 0$ upfront cost. We have in-house designers that will come up with samples, and we’ll send them to you for free. All you need to do is upload them on your site and push traffic.

If you, or someone you manage, have an audience that you can sell too I would love to work with you! We can make anything you can think of.


Interesting service, GLWS :slight_smile:

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Unique One, Good Luck :rocket:

Unique, but physical products are not allowed on Swapd as it’s a digital marketplace.

I of course asked @SWAPD before posting this

Just wondering, how much is that dog tag with custom engraving? What’s the per unit cost and minimum order?


I will make SWAPD T-shirts and sell

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Ok. Just echoing what I’ve been told many times. They’ve shut down several listings of mine due to it not being a digital product. GLWS. I may order something from you :fire:

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No MOQ, we can make anything on demand as orders come in, we don’t keep any stock of products as we mainly make personalized products (like keychains with a persons name etc).

So only cost is really the designer in house designing the product, takes a day and then products can be sold and we can make them

Pricing I’ll send you, but this keychain is negative engraved so it takes 20 minutes a piece which makes them a bit more expensive than like simple keychains with a quick engraving


Definitely a unique service :fire: GLWS :rocket::handshake:


@SWAPD made some designs for you :raised_hands:
send me your address


Shocked. Also suing (trademark violation). Also, I want one so bad.


The second one is fire

You proved it my man @420.
Will come to you soon.

Sent DM :call_me_hand:t2: