We did it! We've hit 1,000,000 USD in sales volume this year, and the year isn't even over yet!

While the exact numbers are a little skewed due to my poor accounting skills, we’re fairly sure SWAPD will churn around 1.2m dollars in sales volume this year. We’ve just surpassed the 1m USD mark a few days ago, which we’re proud of.

So, is this a big deal?

To be honest, I am not sure. But 1,000,000 USD just sounds good, and considering this website is a tiny, tiny community of 8000 members, we consider this quite a feat.

Here are some interesting facts

  1. In total, there were 908 successful transactions that totaled over 1M in sales.
  2. The average invoice amount was 1003.41 USD.
  3. The biggest invoice for this year was set at 35,978 USD.
  4. The smallest invoice, 5 USD.
  5. The biggest spender was @Hazar.
  6. The top 6 spenders spent a total of 225,000 USD on SWAPD (combined).
  7. Compared to 2018, the income tripled.
  8. @Yair still sucks.

If we continue to do good and the activity will rise, we will pass this blessing onto our members starting in 2020. More details soon. In meanwhile, thank you for using SWAPD and thank you for being loyal members!


@Hazar should get a crown on his avatar or something :smiley:

  1. The smallest invoice, 5 USD.


Hazar, I think you should re-register to SwapD under my umbrella, and we’ll split the SwapD rewards



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The 5 USD is from the monthly premium membership subscriptions. I think the lowest sale-related invoice was for like 10 USD.

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anyway, does that mean you made around $90k?

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Congrats @swapd! Would you be able to give us some of the details of the more interesting deals you had during the year (anonymous of course)! Also, what services used to be popular and what are popular now?

I wish. The staff does get paid on SWAPD, and we’ve spent probably around 8-9K in dev costs this year. Add 19% income tax to this and the final chunk gets smaller. But, compared to 2018, the income has tripled. I expect to do 2m in volume in 2020, hopefully.

But, being an admin on SWAPD does give you an ability to make money on the side :smiley: The connections alone are worth the hard work. Met some cool people here who are business tycoons!


Like me?

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One funny situation comes to mind, where one of our members needed a property he was eyeing really bad and really quick, but the weekend was upon us and banks were closed so he couldn’t make the wire in time. So, he got around 40K in cash ready and was ready to purchase a plane ticket for his friend to have the money delivered to the seller (in Turkey). The whole thing almost took place until we’ve all remembered that large cash amounts have to be declared when flying internationally, so eventually, the plan fizzled.

Also, what services used to be popular and what are popular now?

We’ve noticed SWAPD do a total 180 in the past few months. Service tickets outweigh regular sales, it’s actually quite amazing to see. At the beginning of the year, services were so uncommon that we didn’t even have a canned response for them. Now? Out of 40 tickets, quite often, 30 of them will be service-related. They’re mostly all the same, related to articles, verifications, promotions, and things like renames, unbans, etc.




Going back to @Jjg’s previous question, I think I’ve misunderstood you. I told you an interesting story and you were probably asking about some juicy property that went through our doors. Well, nothing really comes to mind right now. But I can say one thing with certainty, I can tell you that our member diversity is out of this world. From low-level users (bottom feeders) like @Yair, to high-ranking members of society such as known musicians, low-level celebs, and even world class athletes!


Waiting for my turn to become an admin here. Only so I can take some of your money.

Batman is next in place, the problem is traffic dipped in the past few weeks so we’ve placed taking new people on hold as we’re able to manage.

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Congratulations ! It’s Party Time. :wink:

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Congratulations! End of 2020 will be $3M. Powodzenia!



When are you guys going to support cash transactions? :slight_smile:

Don’t think that’s possible. :smiley:

how much did this guy spend?

Not even gonna @ me for the biggest invoice :man_facepalming: