We have opened a new category for services

You’ve asked, we’ve listened. Many of our members wanted a service section for non-unique things. While we have fought the idea off for a long time, we’ve finally caved. You can access the new category here: https://swapd.co/c/unique-services/services-other

You can post things such as:

  1. SEO work
  2. Web design
  3. Software development
  4. Content creation
  5. Music creation
  6. And more!

Tickets are required for all listing posted in that category. There is one catch, though. The category is suppressed from being displayed on the front page. We apologize, but we don’t want the front page to look like WarriorForum, with a bunch of services that are readily available on just about every marketing related website.

That is all. Thank you for reading.


what about a fee to have it listed on normal front page? i just posted a sales topic but i feel like its gonna be rough to have anyone see it but id be willing to pay like $10 a week to have it fully listed?

That’s not an option yet (and not sure if it will become an option). Give it time, people do browse other categories, but obviously, they will never get the same traffic as the front page.

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How will checkout work for services like SEO that are long term and may need minimum terms?


Honestly, we didn’t consider this yet and we have no policies on that. I need to research this beforehand.

Because I want to offer it but it’s resource heavy and would need access to the funds for the work. Might need to come up with something creative like half is released up front and the remaining half at the end of the month. Repeated each month. Tedious but yeah.

Unless it’s like a 6 months minimum contract, then 3 months upfront then 3 months paid after the 6th month. Then they can decide between them how to proceed.

Just some ideas.

@akaii I message you please check this :heart:

I guess with SEO we really have no choice and checkout tickets would really take that long. I don’t think this will be a big problem here though, as I am fairly sure SEO is not what our visitors are looking for. If anything, we don’t really want to host such services, but lots of sellers insisted. Let’s see if there are any interested buyers first, if so, we will worry about the terms as we go along.

@akaii check your inbox man???

Can you please not do these messages in public?

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