We have suspended 8 members in the past 30 days


Why are we telling you this? We just want to remind our members that dealing off-site is grounds for instant termination. Part of what keeps our community safe is the oversight of each transaction. This business model is plagued with fraudsters, and being lured off site for a transaction should throw instant red flags. We don’t want people getting scammed then blaming our service on other websites that “I was scammed by some guy on SWAPD.” This will not only with hurt our reputation, but will also lower our credibility, and with less credibility, you will notice fewer listings. Even though we wouldn’t be at fault because we have no control of things outside of our website, no one will listen. The word SCAM will be instantly associated with our website, as most people won’t read the users story, they will just read the headlines. This is why we strictly enforce the following rules:

  1. No dealing off site.
  2. No sharing emails.
  3. No sharing phone numbers.
  4. No sharing skype/kik/any messenger what-so-ever.
  5. No communication off site, ever. Unless approved by SWAPD staff.

We have filters in place on our website that constantly scan for these infractions. Circumventing them by being clever (using AT instead of @, for example) won’t help either. Even though it may not look like it, our platform is quite advanced, so we don’t have a problem pinpointing offenders.

A big thank you to all complying members.


I would also like to thank all people who flag offenders. Flagging is easy, under each post you will see a row of icons, one of them is a flag. Click it to report the offender to the nearest moderators. If you prove yourself and flag a lot of people, it may land you a job with our company (as a moderator).


UPDATE: We have suspended more users.

We invite almost every member manually and on individual basis, this is why we feel cheated when right off the bat some members decide to go behind our back and invite users to conduct transactions off-site. Please don’t do that, as I’ve mentioned before (it even says so on our front page), we’re a heavily moderated marketplace community. We know about everything that is going on here. If you want a quick and a no fee transaction, there are plenty of other websites out there where you can sell/buy properties. But here, we place emphasis on quality and safety, and that takes man hours, hence the fee. This is what makes us stand out. Anyone in this business knows very well that these type of transactions are the easiest way for fraudsters to make money on, that is why you see so many reports about scammers on other websites in the same niche. We don’t want that, and we will stop it any way we can.


Two more are down. Just a few minutes after I posted this notification :frowning:


Literally within an Hour of Swapd updating this post 2 more suspensions.

Guys! Seriously! The site will flag you every time.


JINX, we just posted the same thing. You can’t post until you buy me a Coke.