We have updated our Terms of Service (16.03.2018)

Hello fellow SWAPD members!

This is a friendly reminder that we have changed/updated our Terms of Service.

To save you time on catching up, I will briefly go over the updated parts.

What’s new?

  • We have added a clause regarding Premium Memberships
  • We have added a clause regarding our new Premium Memberships payment processor (Braintree)
  • We have changed our policies on items worth over 5000 USD. Starting today, buyers will receive a 24 hour grace period upon purchase, before any payment is released. This should eliminate any malfeasance from sellers.
  • Added a Transaction Contract clause between buyer/seller. This is basically an extra page confirming that SWAPD only acts as a middleman/escrow service, thus freeing us from issuing invoices for the whole amount. Starting in April, we will only issue invoices on our rendered services, and not the full amount. It’s up to the sellers to issue invoices to buyers (if requested).
  • Added a clause regarding the storage and removal of uploaded ID’s during ID verification.
  • Fixed typos/formatting.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, simply reply. I should have the Transaction Contract ready soon. As far as Premium Memberships, we should have them tested over the weekend.

Thank you!