New Changes (Fees + a few minor tweaks)

Just wanted to go over a few changes we have made to our service.

1st. It’s the introduction of Premium Memberships. The long-awaited features are finally here.

2nd. We have updated our Checkout Ticket responses. Mainly, we have included our Transaction Contract clause in our responses. Makes sure you are aware of these changes.

3rd. We have updated our Terms of Service (last week). For those of you who missed it, here are the updated parts.

4th. We now offer different fees for different services. For example, we only charge 1% for domain transfers. This is the best price you will find on the web. To see our new prices, check out our Fee Chart.

5th. We have updated our company bank account number (name too). From now on, all payments will go to SKYNET, Inc. So please don’t be surprised to see a different name on your payment request.

6th. From now on, we will remove all URLs to sold properties on our website, to protect seller/buyer privacy. We’ve had “revenge users” who swore to get back at us by reporting all links, this undoubtedly creates a risky situation. Us removing those links, plus adding additional security features (inside Premium Memberships) eliminates those risks.

I think that covers all changes (for now). Our next project are self-hosted auctions! Wish us luck :slight_smile: