We Verify Accounts! (All socials)


Service type: verify accounts

Instagram: $4999
Facebook: $2499
Twitter: $2000


We verify your accounts! :slightly_smiling_face: simple as that.


I want verify my Twitter account


is is blue or gray on Facebook? And is it permanent?


Sent you a DM


Interested message me


Khalil you trying to scam people again? Or nah


Can anyone confirm this works? Would like a testimonial before laying out this much $.


Yes perminent & blue


I’m verified myself :slightly_smiling_face:


Dm me please


Waiting for some reviews first


sent you a message but didn’t get a reply


I’m very interested in the Instagram one


@Swapd this legit?


i had a talk with him and so far he’s not interested to set up an escrow for the deal so i doubt it’s legit…let’s see…


This service hasn’t been verified.


He is refusing to go with a checkout ticket?


In that case, he is probably upselling someone else’s services and he can’t have the money frozen. I’d stay clear until he starts a checkout ticket here so we can verify him.


he did not refuse specifically but he said his developer would only start if they get the cash (before they start with the work)


[quote=“unique, post:6, topic:14728”]
g to scam
[/quote] why you said this please let me know