We will no longer allow partial deposits for tickets, starting now

Just a quick update for all our members. Starting today, we will no longer allow partial payments for tickets, even when both parties agree. All tickets must be paid in full, period. We’re also considering removing no-prepayment tickets, but for now, that decision is pending.

Thank you.


No prepayment is good for sellers who struggle to deliver.


Please keep no-prepayment tickets.


is there a charge if buyer makes prepayment and service isnt delivered? would buyer get whole payment back or is there some charge?

But not good for buyers who lose faith in our site because of users who can’t deliver. We will leave it for now, but if we get any more payment runners, it’s gone.

Agreed, but unless your more strict on sellers it’s pointless

maybe a prepayment is only offered to trustworthy users/VIP badges /Dimond badges :thinking: ?


& sellers who are absolutely terrible at communicating. Maybe a good idea is to make sure sellers are communicating within 24 hours, otherwise reduce their credentials after X amount of reports. Add business hours I guess you can say for sellers, add a “vacation mode” for sellers to turn on so we’re not waiting on a reply from a seller for 2-3 weeks.

This would be better than removing no-prepayment tickets. Buyers have faith in websites that keep their vendors in check & payment plans.


Time to bring in Job Success Score like Upwork, make stuff a lot smarter for buyers.


As a Swapd member who has only been buying accounts & services on here, I’ve dealt with amazing vendors who I have been patient with & who has communicated with me throughout my transactions. +1 for Swapd for identifying their service as a “Featured” service. But for the self proclaimed ones like “BEST SERVICE ON SWAPD”, those need to get flagged. Best services includes great communication, detail & delivery. Not take 21 days to start a ticket & tell us all that you have the best service in your title & not deliver.

Maybe even add a “Tickets Opened/Successful Tickets/Mutual Ticket Cancel” score

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Payment runners ?

I ageee

Yes vip & Diamond & MC

tired of sellers not delivering and collecting payment. waiting for months and nothing.

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good idea

Maybe I miss something here… but they don’t get the money before they delivered, right?

That is correct.

We charge the refund fees to the seller if they are unsuccessful at delivering and we need to refund and cancel the ticket.

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