We work hard to earn your trust, so it's disheartening to see something like this

Just when we thought that we have seen everything, we have received this email last night:

Text version:


Straight to the point.

Someone is paying me $150 for posting negative reviews about your service on Ripoffreport and Social Media Platforms (Youtube,FB,Twitter,Reddit,Instagram,Quora) which will rank high on Google.

This will take your business to a whole new (Down to Earth) level.

I have a list of 45 businesses who will be listed in google with negative reviews with ripoffreport, youtube videos and others.
You are one of them.

Pay me $200 to get rid of this.

I have no issues if you don’t pay me, anyways i am getting $150 from him.
This is just for your information.


Sent by: wingleduck@protonmail.com

Just wanted to share this to show you that there are other money making options out there :smiley: But in all seriousness, that’s really really low. Initially, I wanted to reply and ask for payment details, so I have more information I could use to track him/her, but I am fairly sure this would be a BTC payment.

That is all!

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When street criminals become jobless, they come and try digital world for their nasty designs.
One thing is sure, they are ultra creative.


I only have to say “nice try”…Donkey…


Should’ve sent him a good meme

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We need an advanced version of this


Im no expert, but thats slander, and that guy could easily be sued I believe. I wouldn’t pay the guy, just let him know thats illegal, and you will press charges :slight_smile:


Thats awful. On which site can I give an honest (positive) review on this amazig service?


Thank you for your kind words :smiley: But we don’t have a place where you could leave a review, unfortunatley :frowning:

Its a scam.


Swapd is the only trustful website i got to know through years of looking in order to find good one. Everybody with good experience here will surely suggest Swapd to friends / admins etc … no need to care about such fools :slight_smile: Keep going on :wink:


Don’t come into their funny talks lol, they’re just a money whores. :expressionless: (Just Don’t Care)

It’s my first day into your platform, and I’m feeling great. Keep It Going! - That’s the spirit of SWAPD. Loved it! :heart_eyes:

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