★★ Website Building Service! Unlock the Power of AI with Our Fully Automated WordPress Website - Safe for Amazon Associates & AdSense, and Boost Your Passive Income! Our Domains are already Adsense approved

Service type: Adsense-approved WordPress Website, Generating articles automatically without lifting a finger. Just build backlinks for your website and increase traffic.

Price: 650$. You will get AdSense approved domain that is paid for 1 year, with an Adsense account in a random country. If you already have an AdSense account, I can build the website only for 550$.

Revolutionize Your Content Strategy with Our Customizable, AI-Powered WordPress Website - Sit Back, Relax, and Watch Your Traffic and Earnings Soar!

Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? Imagine having a fully automated news website that requires nothing from you except for sitting back and relaxing. We’re talking about a website that covers any topic of your choice - sports, business, games, politics, tech, entertainment, health, and more!

This sleek and modern website boasts an array of impressive features. Our system ensures 100% automation so that new content is constantly being generated and posted without any manual intervention required. With responsive design, cross-browser support, and a mobile-friendly layout, users can access your site from any device at anytime.

But wait, there’s more! Thanks to built-in Schema, Google AMP, and JSON structure, your website will be SEO-friendly. And if you want unique content, we’ve got you covered too.

Finally, let’s talk monetization. We know you’re in this to make some money, and that’s why we build your website, which is already Adsense-approved.

So don’t wait any longer. Let me create a website that works for you!

I am planning to sell around 20 websites only so that it won’t get saturated.

what is the AI used for content ?

how is the prompting happens for new content ?

what is the cost for the AI maintenance ?

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