Website upgrades scheduled for today (will affect currently open tickets!)


Just wanted to inform everyone that today/tomorrow we will start upgrading our ticket system, and because of that, you might experience service interruptions. We are removing the cumbersome checkout ticket process and simplifying it by turning already existing PM’s into tickets. This way you won’t have to explain anything to our staff, all you need to do is hit one button to summon us and to and start our service.

Here are the new checkout improvements:

  1. No need to login into a separate system.
  2. No need to invite buyers/sellers into tickets, thus wasting time. It’s the buyers/sellers now who summon staff.
  3. Users will have a direct ability to change an existing PM into a checkout ticket. This will save time as our staff will instantly review the terms buyers/sellers have set.
  4. You will receive user notifications on each ticket update (wasn’t possible before)
  5. Ultra mobile friendly! Our old checkout system was a little difficult to navigate through on mobile devices, the new checkout system will work just like PM’s, thus making it easy to use.
  6. No need to fill out buyer/seller username/property in question/ etc.

All existing tickets currently open on the old system might have to use a direct URL to access your transactions, and that URL is
This is because we’re switching, so all the old buttons in the navigation will point elsewhere now.

We hope to make the transition quick and smooth. We will have a tutorial ready for all our users on how to use the new system.

Also, on an unrelated note. Our staff is working on a SWAPD mobile app!

In a couple of weeks we’re launching Android and iOS apps that will directly connect your phone to our marketplace. What are the benefits of downloading our app?

  1. Instant push notifications for all your listings. You will no longer forget about things you’ve listed here.
  2. Instantly reply to interested buyers (again, via push notifications).
  3. You will receive notifications about quality properties hand picked by SWAPD staff.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for using SWAPD!


That’s great news guys, can’t wait to see those changes implemented :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words. Just wanted to say that we’re running into small bugs, so we’re a tad delayed. Why things can’t upgrade normally?

UPGRADE COMPLETE! Mission accomplished!
Thank you guys for your patience and we apologize for all tickets that got trapped last night during the transition :slight_smile:

To see how to use our new ticket system please visit this tutorial: How to use SWAPD checkout system!

It’s actually quite easy and things should flow a lot smoother now, since we’re converting existing PM’s into tickets, we won’t have to ask you guys a million questions before each transaction.

Would love to hear your input on this, and if you see place for improvement, we would also love to hear about it.