Welcome Telemarketing for Instagram 2024

Please know I’m about to explain how I provide this service, I do not sell a method, I provide a service with this strategy I’m about to share with you.

Being an experienced social media marketer and having implemented all types of organic and paid growth methods, I always opted for the good all Mother / Child (slave) method.

If you are not sure what that means, well it’s just an Instagram growth process where you create several accounts (we call them Child or slave accounts), and once they are “warm” you automate each of the accounts to gain followers doing a combination of follow/ unfollow/ likes/ comments / DMs, etc.

The idea behind this old method is to get the small slave accounts to gain followers so you can then refer them to the main account (yours or your client’s account).

Basically, this strategy is based on getting real active followers that made the decision to follow the main account because they liked it. So it is as organic as it gets. However, the problem with this method is that some of the providers that offer it out there use a handful of slave accounts, like 10-20 only and results are underwhelming; Reason for which some of them end up sending fake followers to the main account by using a social media panel.

This method has only been viable and profitable when you get at least 50 to 100 accounts running every day to work for you and perform enough tasks to grow enough to send your main account an important amount of followers. I used to do and I used to like that method, now I’ve reached a different level.

Please bare with me, THIS IS where it gets good:

My team and I found a way to get outstanding results with 50 accounts only. The key is that our strategy is not focused on followers but leads and sales, and guess what, that’s what most clients care about.

Before I tell you a little bit more about We can accomplish for you, it’s important to mention that this particular system is not suitable For big influencers and artists that are just trying to grow their follower base, Again, this is tailored for any business that offers a product or a service and need sales growth / client acquisition.

So, how does it work?

We combine three key things to make this system unique and super profitable:

Mother child method (a tweaked version of it)
Artificial intelligence (content and script generation)
Human intervention (trained sales reps)

The way we do our premium unique system is to set up at least 50 accounts (slave small accounts)

But instead of just automating everything, We have human intervention, which means that after our slave accounts send out a DM, We actually engage in a conversation with the target account, We do a question based selling approach, And only after we’ve realized they are interested in the service or product we refer them over to the main account via DM, Typically, with some kind of promotional code, so that the targeted account can benefit from their interaction and referral by the slave account. See ? We make Feel privileged That they actually talked to one of our slave accounts because now they have a benefit (discount) when buying from the main account.

As you can imagine, the main account will be getting constant DM‘s from prequalified buyers. This is huge, 100 times better than just regular Mother Child As you are able to monetize this marketing strategy from the beginning versus just getting followers, it takes time To convert followers to sales, but if you’re getting people interested in buying, sending you DMs, Well, that’s a game changer, Most of the hard work is already done.

To make all of this possible, we use proprietary, automation tools to expedite the process, AI to create engaging texts so that we can start a discussion with the targeted account / potential buyer, and last but not least (Definitely not least) We use trained sales agents that will go above and beyond to get leads over to the main DM inbox. We make sure we pay our sales agents well + bonuses, So they can deliver high-quality results.

You’re probably thinking:

How many people actually need to work on a project like this if they have to reply constantly. Well, that’s actually tricky and depends on how many slave accounts we have running, but in average, for 50 slave accounts we need 2-4 sales agents plus a project admin that handles the whole process from onboarding to finish, as well as doing all the scraping needed, setting up automation, proxies, etc.

This is the reason why our system is not cheap, It takes a lot of hard work just to set this up and then to maintain each campaign monthly. However, it is highly unlikely that any client will stop using our services even at such high costs. Results are noticeable from the first month, So after that, our clients are pretty much hooked.

The minimum setup fee is $2,000 which includes the first 60 days of work (30 to set up and 30 days delivering results). This is with 50 slave accounts Which is typically what our clients go for the first time trying our system.

The monthly fee we charge after that will depend a lot on how we performed and the amount of work we had to put into. A typical client will pay from $1200 up to $11,500 a month. There are some other clients that are reselling this service to multiple business owners, In this case, they pay us a lot more because we are promoting up to 10 accounts for them. Depending on the amount of slaves, we are assigned to each account, you can imagine how the price will escalate accordingly.

However, don’t draw any conclusions About how much you would have to pay in your case , talk to us first about your project or your client so we can give you a proper estimate.

We feel proud. We actually have two of our clients who just started an agency build around the services we offer, So yeah, you can actually label our services as you please. Feel empowered to offer something unique and results driven.

Please note that some of our clients making the most money with our system are actual marketers reselling it to business owners in different ways. Some of them just charging retainer some other ones just charge them by the lead. There are multiple ways how you can profit from our services, That’s actually some of the things we discuss during our evaluation call.

Feel free to send me a private message if you’re interested and have the budget for it.

Don’t miss out on the only truly unique Instagram sales system available today.

(And, of course, we can use any trusted middleman. We mutually agree on)


2-4 Sales reps for 50 slave accs? on average if youre getting 10-20 DMs a day per account, of which most are trash, you’re looking at max 100 DMs to respond to per day, why would you need 4 people doing that work?

If it’s just an automated conversation flow using ChatGPT and a software managing all DMs, one person can easily handle all of that :slight_smile:


We are engaging in real conversations, it’s not unlikely one Agent will spend 20 minutes talking back-and-forth with a targeted account. So now, it’s not just one person, and no, It’s not just automated chats replying; it’s real people.

The AI tools were using is just to create eye catching messages to get replies back, All the work is actually coming from real people.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me I’ll send you a video of my office in Venezuela where you see 20 of my employees working nonstop.

Thank you for your comment! It helps clarify some doubt people will have. :clap:t2::sweat_smile:

Oh, and one more thing, we are actually engaging in a lot more conversations today than you’d think. It’s not like a mass DM system where you open ratio is less than one percent, We typically get +15% open ratio And it continues to increase as we leave comments asking them to check their DM the following days / weeks.

We have Tailored solutions for clients that actually require our sales agents to send voice notes, Yes, actual voice notes, not pre-recorded ones, So the amount of work is unmeasurable. I’m telling you all of this, just so that you get an idea.


Sorry but you need to be VIP or higher to sell methods on SWAPD.


Thanks for reopening my post. I’m glad the issue has been clarified.

I’m open and taking orders.

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@Jose - Interesting service, what if I make no return on the first 30d? Would you do a refund, we resell a service.


@Mac All options are on the table but before committing to it we need to take a close look at what you offer and how it’s offered. We can make a commitment to a minimum of lead but conversion it self will depend on the quality of your sales reps / offer, etc .

Kindly send me a DM with details about it and we can discuss it or jump on a zoom call.

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Would you be open to an affiliate type deal?
50/50 rev share?


Hi @MrSixdigits .
As much as I would like to work on a referral basis the system cost and complexity does not allow much of a margin to share. My clients that resell the service either mark it up or charge per lead (depending on their client).

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me


How would u know if theres no margin to share if i havent even told you what the price of the service is.
You would be getting $250 per sale