We're halting the sale of Fanpages on SWAPD until further notice! [UPDATE: We're back]

UPDATE 20.06.2018

Like promised, we’re resuming Fanpage sales. Please act carefully, we’re not completely sure if Facebook stopped their rampage, but all signals point to a significant slowdown, so we’re back up and running.

Original topic:

If you frequent our website you probably know that Fanpages are currently going through a huge turmoil, so for the safety of everyone we’re currently forbidding the sales of Facebook Fanpages.

For more info about why we’re doing this, please visit this topic: [WARNING !] Facebook purge 06/2018 - Warning about possible deleted fanpages and accounts. Take action now!

You’re still allowed to close deals and open Fanpage tickets. However, they will all have a “pending” status until we believe things have calmed down.

Transactions currently in progress are allowed to be completed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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After numerous confirmations from clients, the general consensus is that these sweeps will last until June 20th, so that’s the day when we will lift the Fanpage transaction ban (if anyone is wondering).

Members are still free to open Fanpage tickets, but we will hold with transfers until the 20th.
Thank you for understanding.

I understand why you’re doing this, But I don’t think banning FB pages deals until June 20th is the right thing to do.

You can just warn the buyer/seller about the purge and let them have their own decision on whether or not to purchase/sell. and give them the advice of maybe they should unpublish the page until the purge is over.

Unfortunately, people (buyers) aren’t often fair when they lose a lot of money on a recent purchase, and they lash out at us. In my lifetime we have seen this over and over again, here is one of the most recent examples from this year (example from ViralAccounts):

  1. Buyer buys a fanpage for 5000 USD, he was semi-new to this world, so I’ve warned him about the uncertainty of this market.
  2. 16-days later, the page gets banned.
  3. Buyer blames us.
  4. Buyer tries to take us to court.
  5. The buyer uses excuses such as:

“This page was probably ■■■■.”
“This page probably had a bad history.”
“Just give my money back you will never hear from me again.”
“I will get my money back, you will see.”

My point, before a purchase buyers are blinded by their goals and agree to anything we say. But then things go wrong they get bitter and look for any excuse to find a scapegoat.

This is why I always warn people “if you don’t have money to burn, don’t get into this business.” But even that doesn’t work sometimes. This is why I prefer to treat people like children and basically not give them what they want even when they want it :smiley: This is probably a bad way of going about this, but you don’t see our end of things. Many, many, many people lost ALL their fanpages. We’ve already had 2-3 big tickets fall through during transfers (I mean literally pages were deleted during transfers or shortly after).


I totally understand your point of view, If I’ll find a Facebook page for sale, can I purchase it before the 20th? as someone who lost more than 10,000$ just from pages getting unpublished, and as someone who’s in this business since 2012, I’m aware of everything. so, can I have a pass? :slight_smile:

And great website btw, didn’t have the chance to say that, I found about it like what, 3 weeks ago? It’s just needs more marketing, but most of the people here know what they’re doing and it’s great.

You can start a ticket before the 20th, and we can hold the payment till then, but we won’t make the actual transfer until next Wednesday.

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■■■■ I just signed up && had my eye on that sexy 552k Facebook Page for Sale

You can still start tickets, but we’re halting transfers until the 20th.

But you’re allowing people to get 5 grand to restore?

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We didn’t receive any tickets like that and if we do we will stop it.

**We are officially resuming Fanpage sales. We don’t know if we’re out of the woods yet, but we did see a significant slowdown in reports of lost pages. **

Please keep in mind that we’re making this decision based on things we see on our end, and we’re not endorsing anything. The risk still looms like always, so please think things through before you decide to buy a page, as we’re not responsible for any losses due to a Facebook removal.