We're have updated the ticket system! Here is what is new

The update went as planned. Here is what is new!

  1. Sitewide notifications for ticket holders. No longer will people be able to say that they forgot.
  2. Dedicated ticket area in your settings. No longer will you need to dig through your PM’s (although a copy will still be saved in your inbox)
  3. And a few minor changes.

If you have open tickets, you will now see this bar on desktop/mobile:

You now have access to a dedicated ticket area. It sorts all your open/closed tickets.

This upgrade was to prevent the following:

  1. People losing track of open tickets.
  2. Excuses for not answering promptly.
  3. Ease of tracking.

It’s a small update on the surface but this change was quite major from a developers standpoint. So, bugs may come out. If they do, please report them in this topic. Thank you!


Aaaand GitHub is having problems: https://status.github.com/messages
We can’t update yet. We will try again in a few hours.

Cool feature :heart_eyes:

Update complete!

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