We're looking for developers!

We’re looking to hire a full stack developer for a side project. The main requirements are ASP.NET C# and MS SQL knowledge. We’re looking for at least 5+ years of experience and verifiable work history. If you believe you qualify or know someone that does, we please ask you to send your resumes/portfolio to support@swapd.co

This is for a one time project only, but long-term relationship will be welcomed for future updates/upkeep.

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Or, could anyone recommend any good portals to find real talent? I am currently trying upwork.com, and so far have not found anyone who could tackle a project the way we want i designed.

Freelancer.com is something I skipped right away too, as I’ve had nothing bud bad experiences in the past.

I have a really good guy for php. Is asp.net the base code you’re building on? Is that flexible?

‘Real talent’ comes at a real cost. You can DM me the details. Don’t expect many serious responses when you don’t mention the project’s requirements or your budget.

Yes. The project is in C# so PHP is no good for us. But thank you for your suggestion.

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I mentioned the requirements (or skills) needed for the project. Forgive me if I don’t want to make it public. Also, I am against stating budgets, as overtime I’ve learned that coders will use up every bit of it + then some. If you have the skills we require you send me your portfolio, we will create a task list, then an approximate time for each task, then figure out the hourly rate.