We're suppressing the ChitChat and Buyer Request categories from the home page

Remember when we’ve opened ChitChat open to the front page? Well, in our opinion, it backfired. Questions really do not get answered faster and with the combination of Buyer Requests, the front page is getting really cluttered with things not related to buying/selling social properties. SWAPD strives to be a marketplace forum, nothing else. So, we want to keep non-sale topics on the front page to a minimum.

We’re also not happy to see all these buyer requests popping up. Many of which are really incoherent and short. To make things worse, plenty of things buyers want are already (potentially) on SWAPD, but they don’t bother searching for it and start making unnecessary topics.

Perhaps we should make the search icon more visible, or maybe introduce a header wide search bar, so users can search our site better before they post requests.

Since we’re talking about searches, do you know what is the most searched phrase on SWAPD?

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It’s a Buyer Technique to pressurize the Seller because the Seller “came himself” in his Inbox to sell his Property and can be pressurized easily.

But you must know some Buyer Requests are very pointed and targeted and not incoherent or short.

And they will still be there, just not on the front page. Most buyer requests look like this:


It was getting old. You actually don’t see that many because I actively delete short one-liners.

There should have been a Buyer Request Template to be filled in and posted.

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We will implement it soon.

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Every Buyer Request should be in the shape of a Form. The prospective Buyer should fill all necessary sections and then click Post and it should be posted in the shape of a Black and White simple Table. Will spread the message neatly, quickly and pointedly.

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No one bothered guessing what is the most searched phrase on SWAPD :frowning:

If you’re wondering, it’s TUMBLR!
The second place goes to YouTube.
Shockingly, Fanpages are #7.

People don’t fear Satan these days but they do fear Facebook. One Giant people-oriented, clients-friendly, exceptional customer support Socialmedia Competitor in the town and Facebook will be licking the dust I’m sure.

Fixed that for you. ^^
Yes, SnapChat didn’t sell out, but look at what is Facebook doing to it now. They’re copying every fricking feature SnapChat is coming up with. There is a very good chance that any big app that starts getting traction will be bought out.

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But my 7th Sense says Facebook time is over. Beginning of an end started. They will nowhere to be seen after 2020.

I hope you’re right, but I believe they may be “too big to fail.” It’s a tool now used by governments to sway public opinion, a wet dream of law enforcement, etc.

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