We're temporarily removing @Jason from admins list


Just an FYI, as some people still message one of our admins (@Jason), we’ve temporarily demoted him as he has no time to manage this website. He got into politics and until the election, his time will be extremely limited.

We hope @Jason will come back to us ASAP. In meanwhile, if you need to contact an admin, just tag @Administrators.

Thank you


If @Jason gets elected, we’ll have a strong politician that can help us ship that cocaine easily. No time for this social media nonsense.


I believe he isn’t running personally, but is on staff of his friend who is running of office. But still, he should be able to ship us the good once in office. :smiley:


hm … next project … www.cocaine-swapd.com :rofl::rofl::rofl:


go jason lol