What are the biggest social flips (personal) you've ever made?

Looking to sprout a conversation, would love to hear your stories. What is the biggest personal social media flip you’ve made in terms of an ROI? This is directed towards people who resell for a living.

While I don’t remember all my transactions, there were just too many, two memorable come to mind.

#1. I guess the record breaker ROI (that I remember) for me was a 200 USD Twitter account I’ve purchased that sold for an even 10,000 USD. That’s a 9,900.00% ROI.

#2. The runner-up would be a Facebook Fanpage that I’ve purchased for 2200 USD, but sold for over 40,000 USD. That’s a 1,718.18% ROI.

For the record, I never lowballed the Twitter or Facebook page. It was a perfect combination of finding buyers who really needed that particular name/niche/audience. While situations like that are rare, they do happen from time to time.

What about you? Care to share your story?


I’m doing this for about 7 years, I’m one of the pioneers on the Israeli fanpages field. ( had around 100 huge pages that I grew from scratch )

There aren’t a lot of Israeli FB pages, which makes the pages a little bit pricey ( worth more than pages with US audience )

I spent a lot of time sending every single page with 10k+ likes a message that says I’m interested in purchasing and also left my phone number in there.

I made some great deals. I bought a page with 50k likes for $100 and sold for $3k. 3,000% ROI
this was by far the best ROI I had. I had a lot of 200-800% ROI.

And a funny store -

one of the pages I messaged was a page with 90k likes that wasn’t active for 2 years. ( Full Israel audience )
He messaged me back and was like - I don’t need this page anymore, u can have it for free, just teach me how i make u admin.
Sold for $x,xxx
that was by far the weirdest and nicest thing that have ever happened to me.


Now that’s a nice ROI :smiley: Thanks for sharing.

He messaged me back and was like - I don’t need this page anymore, u can have it for free, just teach me how i make u admin.
Sold for $x,xxx

Has similar situations in the past :smiley:

Once, I had a guy give me a 1m+ page for free.
Once, I had a guy give some other guy a page for free because “we were taking too long to respond”. Literally responded like 5-6 hours after he wrote me. I told him that he just flushed a few K down the toilet.

In my lifetime I’ve also had a lot of lesser-known celebs who needed money, they sold their huge pages for literally a few hundred bucks because they were broke. Man, come to think of it I have a whole bunch stories I could share.


Please share. I love reading those kind of stories.


Will do when I find some time :smiley: Besides, this is for ROI stories only, don’t want to go off-topic.


yall have to teach me how to find that kind of buyers & sellers lmaoo


My best was buying a Twitter for $60 and reselling for $550, so a nice 816.67% ROI.

Still nothing compared to all of yours haha


I have been buying/selling facebook,instagram fanpages for almost 8 years since i was 10y my best buying was buying an facebook account for 30$ sold it for 2000$
Also i have grown up pages and sold them for different prices 1k$,2k$ etc

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6,566.67% ROI. Very good! :smiley:

Bump. Share your stories!

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Forgot about this topic! Good bump, Yair. For me, nothing changed those two examples I gave are still #1.

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Find|Advisors(com) domain sold for $2635

Bought for $255. flipped in 5 months.

If that counts as social :smiley:

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Nice! Domains count too!

Bought a 900k+ page directly from @SWAPD in an auction at viralaccounts.com …!!

As the page was rename and merge banned, bought it really cheaply may be around 400$+…

I managed to rename the page and provide it as a source to offer only everlasting Facebook page rename service. On swapd…

And already making quite a few 4 digits $s from that service. And also making promotional contents regularly on the page…

Possibly made around 4k to 5k$ and still continuing.


That is CRAZYYYY ROI!!! :fire::astonished::flushed:

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Yes, that was a good day :smiley:

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one time i bought account for $1, and sold it for $100.

thats a 9,900.00% ROI


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My flipping is different, i invested 500$ to buy a few Premium pages worked on them, Trained and built a team till now me and my team made over 15 Million Plus Pakistani Ruppess in over 6 months.
The best 500$ i can ever spent in my whole life .


Nice topic guys.

My best flip was a 170K travel page. Bought it for $500 > Sold it for $2750 which is a 450% ROI.


Teach us.

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