What do buyers search for on SWAPD? Useful data for SWAPD sellers

Hello SWAPDsters!

I was going through our monthly reports and thought some sellers might find this data useful. Here is what SWAPD members (and anonymous users) searched for in the last month:

It seems YouTube is a hot ticket item! With Instagram taking the second place. I remember days when Fanpages were #1, but Facebook isn’t even in the top 10 anymore.

Anyway, I hope you guys find this useful. Use these keywords to create your new listings. They will help you get more hits.

Good day!


Our users probably won’t need this, but here are the most popular articles of all time on SWAPD:

Our Public Blog section, even though it’s one of the smallest categories on SWAPD, brought the most guests to our website. In total, over 130,000 users visited SWAPD because of that category in the past 24 months.


Top ignored users of all time on SWAPD. We only have ONE! And it’s not @Yair to my surprise.
It’s @Boogeyman!

This data can’t be right.


You can say @Boogeyman is the most ignored user on SWAPD!


Ha ha ha ha


Well I’m looking for german fb youtube ig and snapchat accounts no luck finding one lol


Ugliest user award goes to @Elysian

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Is this still correct?

Is what correct.

Is @Boogeyman still the only ignored user?

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Nope :smiley:



Wish there was a bigger market for Snapchat accounts seems nobody wants to sell

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Agree I have been looking for some myself but no luck

I just downloaded the image for keeps thanks… Is the data still valid tho ? @swapd

Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol ! Can we get an updated version bro?

Here you go (I guess I was wrong and it’s fairly similar):

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Where is Yair in that list