What email address provider to use

Hello guys,

I have a question, because I’m pretty new in this business. Over the past few years I created a few pages that now have over 100k followers, but I never really monetized it. I’m here to learn from you guys

If you’re planning on creating a page with the plan to sell later on, what email provider is a good one to use? I heard that Gmail and some others are not a good idea.

Also, what are some things you really have to pay attention to? Or things you wish you knew when you started out?

I know these are some ‘stupid’ questions, but as I said, I am kind of new to this so any help would be really appreciated! :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Dylan

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Proton mail, arguably easy and the best choice if u want to grow pages and flip it…

Alright, thank you! And if I want to flip it, I must not phone verify the account right? And are there some other speedbumps that may be on the way when you try to grow an account and sell it?

Phone verifying is not a problem.

It ensures little safety for ur account.

But, when I phone verify it and want to sell it later on that might be a problem right? Or isn’t it?

It is a problem of trust in recent update, as iphone gets a new way to recover the account.

Instead of phone verification opt for app authenticator

It may be an issue if you use Gmail, as you can encounter many frustrations with transfers but if you use ProtonMail it is both not needed and not an issue.

You should also take a look at this thread for some insight

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Thank you very much! Great read.

Made my first page with a Proton Mail, now it’s time to grow. This aspect I’m more comfortable in :slight_smile:

Just don’t lose the pass, as ProtonMail won’t help ya (or add a recovery email).

Alright, thanks for your help everyone!

Let the journey begin :slight_smile:

I prefer protons just because they are encrypted and much safer!