Why does Swapd not declare what prices goods were sold at?

One thing I never understood with Swapd is why they do not show the price a certain good was sold at after they close the thread. This would help buyers a lot in estimating the price of similar goods on the website and it would also show a lot more transparency, not only for the buyers but also for the sellers. I think you should add this as a feature. For example if an instagram travel account with 200k was sold for 5k$ you should add “Sold for 5k$” on the thread, so buyers can see the price an article was sold at. Many other popular sites do the same and I really love that feature, I am missing this a lot on Swapd.

Hopefully you will add this soon :slight_smile:

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Erm, not everybody wants this info out there? It would require receiving consent from hundreds of users for individual threads and that’s a lot of man hours and $$$.

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I’m sure he means that they should add the prices automatically by rule without the need of individual consent

Which we wouldn’t do - there is a reason users have the option to display sales data on their profile or not. Many opt out of it and want such data private.


Not everyone wants a papertrail for the government to take their well earned money


Add what? if you want you can say in title that you sold your account at your price. not everyone is interested in sharing :slight_smile:


Well that’s true :smiley:

When we started our top earner’s page, many users went public to show off. However, they quickly went incognito because random users would target the high-spenders with “hey buy my stuff for 1 000 000 USD” spam. Individual sales data should be kept private.


Thanks for the response and I understand now why it is private.