@wiked just donated 50 USD to the victim fund!

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Just asking
Has victim fund ever been utilised :confused:

Yes, we buy beer and stuff for it, for SWAPD crew.


But in seriousness, it gets utilized. I think the last person to benefit was @Ryan. Correct me if I am wrong, @Ryan.

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Yes, and surprisingly I had fallen victim to completing a service for a VIP member without pre-payment, and he went ghost.

The SWAPD victim fund helped me recoup a little bit of my losses :slight_smile:


Cool, that’s good

I just like to add, each case is specific and just because a no-prepayment ran on you, doesn’t mean we will pay out every time. Each case is treated individually.


In short, don’t do no-prepayments.


Yeah I avoid doing no prepayment with normal members, only with diamond and millionaire members

Can we not force vip members < to have a balance of X amount of dollars? Which cant be withdrawn.

Even that sometimes doesn’t mean you are safe, unfortunately.

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So in case you’ll get scammed Swapd will help you with 100% amount or is there any limit?

30% of the original amount. But again, please know, the funds are very limited and we only use them in extreme cases.

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See to be honest it doesn’t matter if they are VIP, Diamond or millionaire. People can change or have bad intentions when it comes to money.
Just always be careful and hope for the best.

No prepayment is necessary sometimes because sometimes the money might be huge and some clients only pay after the service is completed and not all buyers will have a funds to do prepayment.