Wikipedia Article Publication | VIP SELLER | Multi language

i will do wikipedia article publication for who has ready high quality PR requirements and approve them on site
for business and public figures

The benefits of wikipedia article publication :
have value on search engine with desired name with appearing the personalized google knowledge panel in multi language and branding

Service package is available in :

  1. Multi language ( one of desired language to publish on Wikipedia database (default is English , the main wikipedia ) ) | Price : 2.5k USDT + fees

  2. Full wikipedia service publication (wikipedia two language publication , wikidata )| Price : 3.5k USDT + fees

to evaluate for eligibility , send me your case with full press list


If I don’t have much PR can you still do it? I can pay for the PR if you source

You can get PR service from another providers
Then come to me for wikipedia article
At this time I don’t provide PR services

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check DM

DM me