Wikipedia Creation Service

Hello Swapd members,

Are you looking to get a Wikipedia page? Today is your lucky day! :four_leaf_clover:

I am offering a Wikipedia service for everyone.

Is this for everyone possible?
No, it’s not. However unlikely other similar services you won’t need need articles from big magazines like Forbes, entrepreneurs, etc. Small news sites are fine as well. At least 5 articles which will back up your story.

Can you make a Wikipedia page for me?
If you want to know if you’re eligible for a Wikipedia page, please send me over your articles & information about early life, education and career (which are needed for the Wikipedia page).

Price: $1,500*
*Price may be higher in the future. And no, I’m not selling for less.

Delivery Time: mostly 7 days, max 14 days
Guarantee: 45 Days


Will add the most asked questions here later!


What is your success rate, how many have you done and how many have you had removed?

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Any guarantee for how long it will be live ?

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Success rate until now is 100%, but I have only done one page. Hope I can add more soon via Swapd.

It’s not all in my hands. There are different factors, which aren’t all in my hands.

I will give a 45 days guarantee! :wink:

buy this service and then come get verified by me

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Just a small question, is it right if after 90 days the page still live it will stay forever ?

@Wix not true. After 90 days a page gets indexed automatically if it has not been reviewed but a page can get deleted anytime. If it doesn’t follow Wiki policies, the admin can delete it or flag it for deletion. I have seen a page get deleted after 2 years and a few after 4-5 months.


Oh okey, got it now thanks @Jkr123

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Also your reference links should be natural news links meaning no press release links can be use as reference on Wikipedia

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PM me, im interested

@Swapd can you re-open? Since I got the first client a Wikipedia page on Swapd? :slight_smile:

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First, and sad to say, our first no pre-payment runner. We will have to warn others and create some additional rules.


Make it vip only :stuck_out_tongue::crown:

The guy shown no initial signs of being malicious, looked like an upcoming DJ star. Boy, that’s not true though. Anyway, we will start working on him.

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Ah ok post info up . Some damage will be done :wink: :wink:

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Seller should change buyers Wikipedia page to the first ever DJ that managed to insert 18” speaker up his ass.


We are sorry, but as of today, Wikipedia creation services are banned from SWAPD. I have to close this service down.