Wikipedia creation services are banned from SWAPD until further notice

Hello members!

If you’re interested in getting a Wiki page up, then we’re sorry to say that SWAPD won’t be the place to do it. It seems that there is an internal war going on between Wikipedia providers on SWAPD, and virtually ALL recent completed orders are getting reported and deleted from Wikipedia. To prevent buyers from wasting their money and us from going through the unnecessary hassle, we’re banning Wikipedia creation services from SWAPD starting today.

The ban will last as long as it’s needed until users come to their senses and stop fighting each other. We’re locking down all active listings.

Thank you for understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.


@Administrators + @moderators - Tagging you so you know.


While I welcome this move from SWAPD’s point of view but as a seller, I do believe everyone here should not suffer just because of one particular seller’s unethical way of eliminating competitors.

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We had problems for months with Wikis. This is a harsh move, I know. But when 50% of such services fail and we get dragged into drama, this is what happens.


Last thing you want is wikis to be screwed over by other sellers. - People like that should be removed from Swapd.


The problem is it’s all he-said-she-said with these providers. We get bombarded with screenshots and “he did this” and “he did that” messages. No way for us to verify ANY of the claims, nor do we have the time to review these reports. Just easier to cut the cord for us.


Small claims court here we come!


Couldn’t agree more!

I got my page deleted recently as well, i dont have any clue why some of the contributors flag it but yea i think that’s better banning it on swapd.

In general also english wiki is hard to deal with, any contributor that doesn’t like ur page he will flag it and this is happening alot


I am close to doing the same for growth services. Lately, most of them turn into disputes so I will most likely kill all growth services that are listed on SWAPD.


May I ask if you had disputes with Wikipedia orders as well?

So User A asks Sellers X,Y,Z to make them a page. User A buys from only Seller Y. Seller X and Z get pissed and then report User A’s new page that was created by Seller Y, in hopes that User A comes back to seller X or Z to complete another transaction?

Is that what’s happening? @Swapd

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in hopes that User A comes back to seller X or Z to complete another transaction?

I believe it’s more like to get the seller discouraged and/or get him in trouble with SWAPD staff. Basically, it’s muscling out someone to corner their share of the market.

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Is this still the case?

I assume sellers can still list Wikipedia services but none of them will be processed?

No, no listings and no new WIKI services.

@Swapd, still banned?

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i want wikipedia with editors and region is arabic, french or english

@tindal321 - We all want many things. However, some things aren’t possible, like Wikipedia services on SWAPD.


that means i cant purchase any wiki account on swapd?