Wikipedia : Your VIP Page is One Click Away | On-Demand

Service type: Publish a Protected Wikipedia
Price: $900

What’s the Service
Hello and welcome to another VML exclusive service

I will create and publish a professional and high quality Wikipedia page that will stick. Having a Wikipedia page is an important tool to your online credibility and is useful for your search engine rankings, social media verification and overall reputation.

Important Highlights of VML’s Wikipedia Publishing Service

  • High quality and professional page design.
  • Perfect English and grammar.
  • On demand ability to publish articles for referencing.
  • Published through an authoritative account with a healthy history
  • Proper referencing to minimize risk of page deletion

Minimum Requirements
The subject should have a minimum of 10 sources that are from reputable outlets. If you don’t have these requirements, I can create a back story for you and publish articles that we will use for referencing.

Example of Sources
Here, you can check if your sources fit the guidelines placed by Wikipedia.

I am open for 2 pages a month only, I take the time to build a well sourced draft and prefer to focus on quality and standard.


how much would it cost to create the articles + the wikipedia page?

PM me please.

What if I already have a draft made with like 20-30 sources including Forbes, but the page was not accepted in the AfC list?

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I will find a solution for you.

can you send me this also

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Please PM me.

Have to give it to you. Your threads are so neat and well explained.

Every-time I see a thread with vague details and ‘PM for more info’ I feel like banging my head. Haha.

So good to see this. Hope other threads follow this as an example.



Thanks, I get inspired by guys like you, who always push people to give their best.


Update: Order placed with @verifymylife and we are under a ticket for a package deal for Wikipedia.

Wonderful support and pricing all the way just like the thread.

One of many orders to come.

Will leave a detailed review when done. :rocket:


How much will it cost with 10 articles? as I don’t have any atm.

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Ordered this service for a client and we were given impeccable support through out. Verify was prompt and delivered and exceeded all expectations. He is thorough and delivers all he says he will while offering support and suggestions throughout.

We will back .



@camimiami2 , is top of the top. She was patient and let me do my thing and is very optimistic. Great person to work with.

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Interested! Price?

I have one client that needs this. No articles. Do you guarantee the profile will stick?

@Swapd Please close this thread

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