Will invest up to 100K USD in your million dollar idea


FB banned cryptocurrency related ads. It’s late now.


my dear business partner is actually working on his ICO now, but I have no idea how it works or how to help him. Is it like the .com domain boom now?


It is probably possible to cloak the ads, Ive heard people advertising all kinds of stuff


But shilling ICOs was never on FB. Reddit, twitter, bitcointalk are places where people shill hard. And don’t forget, you always have the John Shill McAfee.


I acually thought about cryptocurrency last year. Then I looked at the list. We have 1564 digital currencies now. The chance to win some users isn’t high.


It all depends on marketing and the hype you can create.

Take a look at this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/gizmodo.com/cryptocurrency-scam-site-disappears-leaving-only-the-w-1822509367/amp

It wasn’t long ago. You’d be amazed how people throw money on ICOs.

The only reason I didn’t start doing this is of the legal consequences this might have afterwards.

Edit: more on story https://www.google.com/amp/s/thenextweb.com/hardfork/2018/01/29/cryptocurrency-prodeum-scam-exit-penis/%3Famp=1


So lol…

Epic scam. Can’t stop laughing.


Hi @toms,

Your post is very interesting.

Brief history:
Since 3 years ago, I worked in a simple site with Wordpress and i earned $70 - $100 per day with adsense and taboola, but the traffic got from Facebook and then Facebook deleted my fan page and my idea died. Since 8 months I started with a new idea about soccer.

However, I am working in the new social Network about Soccer.

Status the project : In Progress

Why about Soccer?
Because, In around the world the people love the soccer, they play soccer, They play video game, They watch Video in Facebook, Youtube, TV and more.

Overview Features:

  • The users will share media content like Videos, GIF, MEMES, IMAGES.
  • The users will watch media content(Video, GIF, Memes, GIF)
  • One Algorithm will get the best content and this will generate viral o trending content.
  • And more feaures.

*Some of these features are improvements to the use of fan pages on Facebook.

Final Product:

  • Apps (iOS and Android)
  • Web Site
  • And also , I have around 1.5 Millions of the fans with 3 Fan pages, The fans are Latinos.

I think that I will write more about my bussine, but here does not is best place para explain it.


Buy BTC :nerd_face:


I’m a web developer and I have a brilliant idea to start a new Social Media site. It will be more user friendly and best compare to all other sites. Trust me if you will invest on it I guarantee success in near future. But, you have to believe in the project and have some patience. Getting user is not is but fun.