Will invest up to 100K USD in your million dollar idea

i and my team are doing a project which can earn 20-50m$. we are not planned get investments below 1m$, but, if you like, you can pm me for more info. We’re not platform, just MMO team. Maybe you laugh about the number, but fine :slight_smile:

You can message me via DM with your pitch and I will go through it. No idea what MMO is.

Hello toms

I’m sure i have the best idea to invest money which will be in long term and it will make us over $1M in the first year plus growing even more.

I’ve got over 10 years experience in making money online and tried most of platforms to make money online.

The idea is the e-commerce store.
Which i have already all set-up…
I’ve got access to most of the products worldwide and we can ship the products worldwide!

We need to invest the money to facebook ads to get the right audience and convert them to customers.

Let me know if you’re interested on a partnership! :v:

hey Theboss, can you share that plan with me? we can invest.

make your own thread buddy


I have a one in a lifetime plan for us to continue to grow as a brand together and successfully help others in return. Inbox me back when you have a chance maybe we can video chat and I can show you my offer for this wonderful opportunity you are sending to the world.

Thank you take care , love peace grind

I am interested and will create a presentation for my idea :slight_smile:

I am interested in pitching you my clothing line. After we drop so we can show you some of our numbers. Or if you’d have some time to talk before hand i can shoot you a message

Is this for only FB or can be other sites too? I have experience and very great niche along with manpower required.

You can pitch any niche that is profitable and you are capable running it to excellence.

I have good ideas for a worldwide fashion brand that will be unique and stand out. I also have an idea for a unique Shopify app as well that will generate massive ROI on returns with proper marketing. Do tell me if I can send a PM. Thanks.

I have an idea through which I am already making money, where should I send you the idea and how can I be assured that I won’t get bypassed after I pitch the idea?

You can PM him.

Ideas are a dime a dozen . People who implement them are priceless.”
-Mary Kay Ash

For idea he can pick tech magazine or attend any startup summit, it’s not just about the idea. it’s about how you would implement it and what’s your strategy, marketing plan, your work ethics etc.

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Ive pm u

Hey Tom did you end up with your million dollar idea yet?

Always looking for more businesses to invest in. PM me your pitch

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Just give me your 100K. I’ll go to casino and let you know how it goes!


Not offering investments any longer.
@Administrators please lock this

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