Win $25k if I don't lose 20 pounds by March 15, 2023

Good luck :raised_hands:

Good luck brother, you got this!

Good luck!

good luck

What does the other wrist look like

Means you are trying to give yourself a kick that, if you didnt loose 20 pounds of weight you will loose 25k$ … :smiley: thats brilliant

Loose ya weight or ya loose 25k :stuck_out_tongue:

Send Me 10k and I can be Your Coach Forever :scream:

You got this.

Good luck ! :slight_smile:

@Vlbrantofficial 25K$ I will pay u if u weight 200 pounds till March :smiley:

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I wouldn’t accept that for $50k hahaha

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wish you the best!

Good luck bro hopefully I get that 25k :rofl:

Come on bro. You can reach your goal