[WORKING] Meta Verifications Mentoring - Methods for CUSTOM NAME, CUSTOM AVATAR, and verifications even for business! | SWAPD PARTNER

Hey there,

I’m on SWAPD for over 2 years, during this time I generated sales of $500k. I come to you with mentoring in which I will teach you how to perform meta verification services (custom pfp / custom name / meta verification for business) and many more, and sell them for prices in the order of ($500 - $1000). :butterfly:


I’ll show you how to verify accounts using meta verification so you can do it for literally anyone. I will teach you how to create accounts with CUSTOM NAME and CUSTOM PFP so that you can create them even for businesses / crypto etc. I’ll explain the patterns and actions you should do and avoid, so that you can achieve the highest possible success rate. :man_technologist:

With these methods, you can start earning immediately after purchase! It is also worth mentioning that you basically do not need to have any knowledge about Instagram to start - I will describe everything to you! :100:

Since everyone is asking, what is included is bulleted below!

  • Methods to verifying accounts with custom names,
  • Methods for verifying accounts, without having a human profile picture,
  • Methods to create meta verifications for businesses,
  • Social engineering tricks to help you manipulate support to perform services,
  • The entire processes from A to Z in which I will tell you what to avoid and what actions are recommended,
  • Me. We all know and love me, right? I’ll be here to help you with every question, and guide you 1 on 1, with tips, and literally every question you may have. I will always be honest.

With these methods, you’ll join an elite group of professionals who can provide unparalleled services to their clients and helping them stand out from the crowd. Besides, you’ll make a lot of money. :money_with_wings:




Ticket duration will be 7 days - after the ticket ends you’ll still be able to ask me any questions you might have. So you’ll have access to my knowledge as long as I’m active on social media. :hourglass:

Price: $1500 + fees

why should you choose madej’s services?

  • reputable seller (top 15 on site),
  • over $500,000 in sales on SWAPD only,
  • over 200 positive reviews on SWAPD only,
  • swapd partner,
  • in the industry for over 2 years,

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message me now and let’s do some business! :moneybag:
madej :100:


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Hi, do you also offer guidance on how to claim profiles and names that have not been active for more than 6 months ?
If so I’m in.

dm me boss