YouTube 25K subscribers Monetised +3.6 Millions views +12.5K US dollars Earnings +37 Millions impressions | Europe Audience No strikes no violations impressions

Amount of subscribers: 25000
Country of subscribers (majority): France
Topic/Niche: Education
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):
:fire: Step into the YouTube realm with a dynamic channel:

:busts_in_silhouette: Thriving Subscriber Base: Over 25K subscribers await fresh content and engagement.

:eyes: Impressive View Count: Videos have accumulated over 3.6 million views lifetime, reflecting audience engagement.

:alarm_clock: Watch Time: With a staggering 432K watch hours, viewers are invested and attentive.

:rocket: Broad Reach: The channel has made a splash with 37 million impressions, expanding its audience reach.

:bar_chart: Earnings: Earnings have soared to $12.5K, indicating monetization success and potential for further growth.

:moneybag: Monetization Features: Fully monetized and equipped with Membership, shop, and Supers options to maximize revenue.

:lock: Clean Record: No violations or issues, ensuring a seamless experience for both viewers and the new owner.

:earth_africa: Diverse Audience: The audience spans across France, Algeria, Belgium, and Canada, offering a diverse and engaged community.

:mag: Viewer Sources: Videos are discovered through browse features, suggested videos, and YouTube search, maximizing visibility.

:100: Real Engagement: 100% active and genuine subscribers contribute to the channel’s thriving community.

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